New Frame of Mind

A few people have asked me recently about the name of my business. What is mindset coaching, they ask, and how is it different from executive coaching or life coaching? The short answer is that mindset coaching is not a distinct category of coaching. I’m an executive coach, and Mindset Coaching—the name of my business—simply… Read more »

Attention as a Competitive Advantage

In the almost 20 years that I’ve been coaching and training leaders, I’ve noticed some interesting trends.  One trend that’s become quite clear to me in the last several years is that my clients are becoming increasingly distracted.  Because all my clients are in leadership roles, they experience multiple demands on their attention, with emails… Read more »

Coaching Mindset: The Push and the Pull

In my first blog post, published earlier this month on my website, I addressed the question of how I got into the field of coaching in the first place.  This week, I’ll address another question I receive frequently from new and prospective clients. Question: What is your coaching style? Answer: I used to think that… Read more »

The Serendipity of Career Paths, or How I Became a Coach

As a coach, I’m used to asking most of the questions, at least when I’m working with my clients.  But I also end up having lots of mini-interviews, usually referred to as “good fit conversations,” in which I’m the one being asked the questions. Since this is my first blog—which I’m writing to coincide with… Read more »